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Since 2001 a network of cycleways of more than 150 km is being implementing in Rome. Its main axes are the ridges of the Tiber and the Aniene rivers, that is the two natural ways that cross the city from north to south and from east to west.
In addition, there are the already usable cycleway in Villa Pamphilj or that under completion in Villa Ada.
The goal of the development of a network of cycleways is the promotion of regular use of bike to contribute realize a sustainable mobility in the spirit of the Kyoto Protocol.
The Municipality of the city is also developing the Intermodality, that is to alternate the use of bike with the use of public transport, through a system of car parks or transport of bikes on the bus, metros and trains.
The most important works:
Route Tiber
From Castel Giubileo to Ponte di Mezzocammino. The quays of the river have been converted into the longest cycleway of the city. More than 30 km rich of amazing itineraries from a historical and natural point of view.
Route Aniene
From Villa Ada to Ponte Mammolo. The realization of the Aniene ridge began with the opening of the section Villa Ada to Ponte Nomentano (4,2 Km).
Cycleway connecting the Tiber and the Aniene
Realization of the route connecting the cycle-pedestrian routes of the Tiber and the Aniene with a course that includes Villa Ada - Villa Glori - Auditorium - Viale Tiziano - Ponte Milvio, for a total of 5,5 km.
Realization of the Route Cristoforo Colombo
From Ponte Sublicio to Laurentina: realization of the section from Ponte Sublicio to the Aurelian Walls and the section from the seat of the Lazio Region to via delle Tre Fontane.
Cycle-pedestrian Route in Ostia
The XIII Municipio, whose structure is bicycle oriented, is undergoing the following projects:
- Cycle-pedestrian path along the promenade (lungomare) di Ponente, from Porto di Roma to Piazza Recanati (3,5 Km).
- Cycle-pedestrian path in the Pineta delle Acque Rosse. From via dei Ravennati to Torre Boacciana (4,1 Km).
- Cycle-pedestrian path from Acquerosse to Lungomare di Ostia (2,2 km).
Cycle-pedestrian Route in East Rome (Roma est)
Inside the “Mobility Corridor” along via Palmiro Togliatti a cycle-pedestrian route is being realized to connect Ponte Mammolo and the via Tuscolana, near Cinecittà, with a route of 8 km.
On the same route the following cycleways are under construction:
1) Anagnina - Cinecittà Est - Tor Vergata - Tor Bella Monaca (21,1 Km), including the existing cycleways inside the university of Tor Vergata;
2) via Del Mandrione - Furio Camillo (818 m)


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