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Ulla Karttunen. Donna Fatale - metamorphoses of the modern

Date: from 2018-06-28 to 2019-07-11

Opening times

28 June - 13 July 2019
Mon -Ven 11-13 / 15-19 / Sat 11-19

Held in


Address: Via Cassia, 492
Zone: Suburbio Tor di Quinto (Roma nord)


Telephone: +39 06 33711468


For the first time the personal exhibition of the international renowned Finland artist: Ulla Karttunen with the exhibition named: "Donna Fatale: metamorphoses of modern" curating by Sveva Manfredi Zavaglia, with the Taiteen Edistamiskeskus Center for the promotion of Finland Art in the  Venanzo Crocetti Foundation Museum (via cassia 492).

The exhibition presents around 30 works: digital collages and installations that treat the power of women, of female strength and courage. A series of unpublished works of a social nature The artist uses the works as in a story, from the visual to the philosophical, speaks of the figure of women crossing their soul: women who treat the conflict for economic resources; women as modern goddesses investigating in the interstices of emotions such as anger, fear, shame; or women who portray mystics and unknown saints in an ironic, sensual, irrational way. The issue of women is globally "fatal" as the title of the exhibition, women are necessary to save the planet - women's education, women's emancipation and gender equality are means of overcoming indifference. The works are tangible expressions of a precise declination of modern society: the change and transformation of one's own life find it breath. Through his works, the artist represents women to reconstruct those tears on the female figure to communicate with transparency a strong and very current message.

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