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Typology: Non Parish Church


Address: Via Urbana, 50
Zone: Rione Monti (Colosseo-S.Giovanni-S.Maria Maggiore) (Roma centro)
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Telephone: 06 4882120

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For the timetable of the masses and visiting conditions, please consult the contacts.


S. LORENZO IN FONTE The name of the church derives from the legend whichrecallsing that the saint was held prisoner, beforethis martyrdom, in the rooms of the hot baths where he seems to have baptizedhis jailer, the centurion Ippolito, with the water offrom an ancientreservoir. The building’s was reconstructionedstarting fromed in 1543 and its restoration restoredin 1628,by the architect Domenico Castelli. In the C.XIXnineteenthcentury the facade was renewed in whichwith theoriginal  sixteenth century portal, where withan inscription dedicated to S. Lorenzo and S. Ippolito is conservedstill treasured. The interior has a single nave with a barrelshaped vault. On the main altar there is a painting by Andrea Camassei(1602-1649), which depicts the saint while he baptizes Ippolito and his family.A small stairwellleads to the underground, where  S. Lorenzo's jail was believedto be.:tThe reservoir,which gave the name to the church,  dates back to the C.I or II century A.D.. 

Educational activities

Visite ai sotterranei
Le visite ai sotterranei si effettuano tutti i giorni dalle 7.00am alle 12.30pm e dalle 4.00pm alle 6.00pm

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