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Address: Piazzale Aldo Moro, 5
Zone: Quartiere Tiburtino (Roma est)
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Il museo è sul retro dell'edificio di Lettere e Filosofia della Sapienza Università di Roma


Telephone: 06 4991 3960 - 06 4991 3037 - 06 4991 3827

Opening times

Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

Closed Saturday, Sunday, August, 1 November and from 18 December to 7 January


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The Museum of Classic Art (Museum of  Plaster Models) was created as a didactic tool for the Chair of Classic Archaeology in 1892 by the archaeologist Emanuel Loewi (1857-1938). From its first location in a few rooms in Testaccio, the collection was moved in 1925 to a few halls of the People's Home of San Michele and in 1935 it was definitively transferred to the basement of the Faculty of Letters of the University "La Sapienza", assuming its current denomination.The material exhibited includes reproductions of handmade articles, paintings of the Minoan and Mycenaean Ages, and more than 1,000 plaster casts of Greek sculptures from the protoarchaic period to late Hellenism. These are copies of works by Phidias, Praxiteles, Miro, and Lysippus. Also remarkable are the Tyrannicides, the group of Laocoon, the sculptures on the pediment of the temple of Zeus in Olympia and the frieze on the altar in Pergamon.


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