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Typology: Buildings


Address: Piazza Capo di Ferro, 13
Zone: Rione Regola (Campo de' Fiori-Piazza Farnese) (Roma centro)
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Telephone: 06/68212743- 68131065 - 68131079 - 06/68212736
Fax: 06/68272282

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The Spada Gallery is housed in the Palace of the same name, once the property of Cardinal Girolamo Capodiferro (1502-1559), who, around 1548, began to have it built on the site of preexisting buildings belonging to his family, by Bartolomeo Baronino (1551-1554) di casale Monferrato. After the death of Cardinal Capodiferro the palace passed to the Mignanelli family and was then bought in 1632 by Cardinal Bernardino Spada (1594-1661) for 3200 scudos. From the moment the Cardinal took up residence, he decided not only to set up the basis of an art collection, but also decided on a series of modifications employing various painters, sculptors and architects.

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