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Typology: Monuments


Address: Via di Tor Pignattara
Zone: Quartiere Tuscolano (Roma sud)
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The last one, in order of time, of the great Roman aqueducts, built by the Emperor Alexander Severo (222-235 AD) in order to take on water for the Noronian/Alexandrine thermal baths that had been restored by him in 225. The aqueduct used to take the water from the Borghese quagmire in Via Prenestina and continued underground for about 22 kilometres until the stop at Torre Angela. It went on, then, with big arcades, on the outside, until Via di Tor Pignattara to continue underground until Porta Maggiore. Of he hydraulics work, that was used for many centuries, some parts can still be seen on the eastern outskirts of Rome and by the country side in the Estate of the Mistica and in the Fosse Tre Teste. One of the grandest stretches in the city, with a double order of arcades, is the one that goes from Viale Palmiro Togliatti, visible in Viale Alessandrino, to Piazza S. Felice da Cantalice.
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