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Typology: Coaches


Opening times

Botticelle are banned from circulating in the presence of "heat waves".
- from 28 June to 30 September, absolute ban on days characterised by the presence of particularly intense heat waves with a level of risk 3
- In addition, from 28 June to 30 September, circulation of horse-drawn carriages is allowed only from 6.00 p.m. provided that the ambient temperature for that hour is below 30 degrees Celsius (more details at the bottom of the page).
25 July 2018: "Botticelle", Municipality approves regulation for divestment
The Regulation on botticelle was approved in the Giunta (City Council), which now follows the procedure in the Municipi (Municipalities) before the final approval in the Assemblea Capitolina (Capitoline Assembly).
the horse-drawn carriages will be removed from the streets
The purpose is to protect the health and comfort of the animals, to guarantee the safety of the service and to avoid problems with the road network of the Capital.
"... the horse-drawn carriages will no longer circulate between cars but will be relocated with dedicated routes in the parks and villas of the city," says the Mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi.


Where to find
The typical Roman carriages pulled by horses, also called "botticelle", are a historical tradition dear either to tourists and Romans. Alberto Sordi himself dedicated a famous film, "Nestore, l'ultima corsa", to the character of the coachman and his horse.
The fifty or so " botticelle " usually stop in:
·     Piazza S.Pietro
·     Piazzale del Colosseo
·     Piazza Venezia
·     Piazza Bocca della Verità
·     Piazza di Spagna
·     Piazza Navona
·     Piazza della Rotonda (Pantheon)
·     Piazza dei Crociferi (Fontana di Trevi)
For further information:
Associazione Vetturini Romani Via Monte Testaccio, 23
Cell. 0039 347 0005732

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